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Top 12 Best Sobriety Apps


Following the start of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, drug and alcohol addiction recovery were put to the test as support group meetings were halted during the quarantine. Although sober communities were already forming across the internet prior to country-wide lockdowns, a large majority of recovering people turned to online meetings for recovery maintenance and support […]

Nature Benefits Addiction Recovery

nature, recovery

Without nature, the stress of life— especially that of addiction— has the tendency to deplete our energy, ambition, and happiness. Unless we repair the damage and lessen the impact of future stress it can follow us into our addiction recovery. Addiction is often linked to a disconnect of mind, body, and soul. What if I […]

Adderall Abuse and Psychosis

Adderall, psychosis

I overheard a concerned mother ranting into her iPhone about her youngest daughter. Not terribly uncommon— mother’s love to complain about their children. I don’t consider myself an eavesdropper, but the topic piqued my interest and six people stood between me and the register. She said psychosis and I turned my head. The woman dressed […]

Epilepsy and Drug and Alcohol Abuse


Epilepsy, also known as “seizure disorder,” is the fourth most common neurological disorder in people, regardless of age. As a chronic condition, epilepsy is the clinical term for the recurrence of unprovoked seizures. Epilepsy is commonly related to a person’s genetics, but it can also present itself after brain injury and illness.  Seizures are the […]

Baby Steps: How To Start Your Recovery

baby steps in recovery - celebrate the small victories

Finally, you’ve found the desire to choose recovery. You’ve made a decision that you need to get sober and stay sober. Well, you made a decision that you’ll try and get sober. Ok, someone told you that you drink too much and party too hard. You got a DUI. Your boss told you to clean […]