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Case Management

What is Case Management?

Entering treatment can be a stressful time for an individual. Giving up drugs and alcohol on top of a change in their everyday routine can make for a potentially overwhelming situation. At Royal Life Centers we assign a case manager to each guest in order to help manage these day to day stressors. Our experienced case management team works with guests throughout treatment to help with legal, social, and any other issues they may need assistance with. Case management makes the transition back into everyday life as seamless and comfortable as possible.

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The main goal of case management is to help guests find the resources they need to become and stay self-sufficient. Created with extensive input from the guest, we develop an individual treatment plan. Each step in their plan shows guests how they can use these resources to overcome their addiction. This plan can be looked at as a roadmap to success and long-term maintained sobriety.

How can a Case Manager Help?

Case managers assist with a wide variety of issues guests might need assistance with. Some examples are scheduling medical appointments and applying for government assistance. They also work as advocates for our guests within the legal system when necessary. Case managers present available services and resources to guests and discuss which can benefit them the most.

Navigating all the available resources can be a complicated and frustrating process. Case managers are there to simplify this for guests. They understand addiction which helps tremendously in choosing the most successful path for an individual. For example, aftercare planning is handled by a case manager, which is a critical part of the treatment process. Case managers will help guests set up a plan to continue their addiction treatment, find local doctors or psychiatrists, locate services that would be helpful for their specific case, etc. Case managers provide the knowledge and expertise of a successful recovery process, backed by factors that are proven to provide support for our guests. Case managers will set guests up with a plan to enrich their personal recovery journey, whether that be by attending a continued care program, or by matching guests with providers and resources for their continued successful sobriety.

Both case management and therapy take the individual needs of a guest into account. However, there is a difference between the function of these two services. Case management primarily connects guests to resources based on their personal needs and goals. While therapy helps guests with personal growth and change within their innermost self. The combination of the two creates a path to success for all of our guests at Royal Life Centers.

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