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Treatment Programs

Royal Life Centers offers a wide selection of addiction treatment programs to carefully and efficiently treat substance use disorders. Our treatment programs aim to address not only the physical effects of addiction but also the underlying psychological and emotional issues that contribute to it.

Royal Life Centers Addiction Treatment Programs

Royal Life Centers’ offers a wide selection of services to carefully and efficiently treat substance use disorders. Our medical detox services are available for substance use disorders to alcohol, opioids, benzodiazepines, methamphetamines, cocaine, along with many other addictive substances.

Beyond detox, our services are offered at the residential, PHP, IOP, OP, and sober living level. Offering care at every level allows our guests to remain with us continuously at Royal Life Centers. During treatment, guests can develop relationships with peers, therapists, and staff early on without fear of having to change programs. Additionally, our large group of services allows us to most effectively guide our guests through each step of their path to recovery and sobriety.

Our Full Continuum of Care

Royal Life Centers offers a comprehensive list of addiction treatment programs to safely and completely treat substance use disorders. The first step, our medical detox, is suited for those with an addiction to alcohol, opioids, benzodiazepine, methamphetamine, cocaine, as well as many other substances. Guests who begin their recovery with us during residential treatment typically continue on to our other levels of care.

Our Arizona Rehab Programs at Chapter 5

Royal Life Centers at Chapter 5 offers treatment for addiction that begins with our inpatient treatment and continues into outpatient treatment. 

Chapter 5’s Arizona rehab programs include:

Our residential inpatient program includes individual therapy sessions, group therapy, and various holistic activities such as yoga, meditation, and art therapy. These activities help individuals learn coping skills and reduce stress levels during their recovery journey.

During outpatient treatment, guests gain access to  continued therapy and support while gradually transitioning back into their daily lives. This often includes family counseling and support groups to help rebuild relationships and create a strong support network.

The Royal Life Centers Approach

We understand that effective treatment for substance use disorder is not a “one size fits all” process. We don’t believe in placing people in pre-determined, pre-set treatment plans. Instead, our service empowers our guests to be a part of their own unique treatment process. Guests will work closely with their case manager to determine individual needs and goals, and how to most effectively meet them. Additionally, case managers are there to help navigate any legal, social, or other issues that need attention. Our staff is here to help along every step of the way. Caring, compassionate professionals are constantly working to ensure that guests receive the finest service available. Because We Care.

Beyond our top-notch treatment services, we extend our philosophy, Because We Care, into everything we do. Our nutritional programs are designed for those in early recovery, catering to our guests in detox and residential treatment. Additionally, we work hard to make sure our living arrangements are a comfortable, safe place to begin the recovery process.

If you or someone you love thinks they may have a substance use disorder, please don’t hesitate, and reach out to us today. Our admissions team is available 24/7 to discuss our services by calling 888-534-9140.

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