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How Many Types of Drugs Get Into Wastewater at College Football Games?

drugs in wastewater - waste - run-off - drugs in our water - water treatment plant

How Many Types of Drugs Get Into Wastewater at College Football Games Welcome to Group Drug Screening We all have heard of unsupervised, supervised, and chain of custody comprehensive urine drug screens used by: Certain occupations Certain government jobs Treatment providers Probation Substance misuse treatment centers Parents Well, brace yourself: substance misuse epidemiologists and substance […]

Fentanyl and Opioid Addiction

red phone - emergency - fentanyl - opioid addiction - opioid crisis - all you need to do is pick up the phone and reach out for help

Fentanyl is the super powerful opioid that contributes to much of the recent increase in US overdose deaths. Many of us have already seen the cross-over from prescription pills to fentanyl ravish our communities. But who is choosing fentanyl over other opioids? Morales and associates studied 308 people who use substances in three cities in […]

How to Tune Out the Distracting “Noise” During Recovery

the noise in your head - distraction - distractions - reframe your thinking - recovery - addiction recovery

Our minds are our own worst enemy, especially when it comes to trying to challenge our own thinking. One fundamental problem-solving difficulty common to alcoholics and drug abusers is the inability to simplify situations and concentrate on the central issue. Many alcoholics and addicts say they took chemicals to escape— at least temporarily,- from the […]

The Promises: a Breathtaking Inventory of Recovery Benefits

the promises - recovery - gifts of sobriety - being sober comes with promises of a better life

One of the most treasured of all of the passages in the “Big Book”, or the main text of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) literature, is a passage that is referred to as “The Promises”: “If we are painstaking about this stage of our development, we will be amazed before we are half-way through. We are going […]

Drug Experimentation Verses Drug Addiction

drug experimentation versus drug addiction - substance abuse or addiction - how to know if you're an addict

Drug experimentation is generally accepted as a fairly normal, coming-of-age phase. We have noticed many parents and young adults asking: Where is the line drawn between drug experimentation and drug addiction? Circa 1986, the first Early Intervention Program (EIP) for both the subject in question and his significant other(s), was designed to answer this exact […]

Relapse Prevention for Alcoholism

relapse prevention for alcoholism - alcoholic - alcohol detox - alcohol rehab - rehab for alcohol - rehab for alcoholism - relapse - prevent relapse - relapse prevention

It seems like pharmaceutical researchers are perpetually scrambling for a pill to help treat addiction. The hunt for the diet pill that works without turning into a crab or becoming an addict is ongoing. The search for a smoking cessation method that works without becoming addicted to some new nicotine delivery system is ongoing. The […]