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10 Warning Signs of a Substance Use Disorder

Substance Use Disorders may be hard to spot, especially if you are unsure if a friend or a loved one is acting differently in front of you, so that they can hide a substance use disorder. Mental health disorders and substance use disorder are often both contributors to a person’s behavior. Substances are highly addictive, and left untreated, will either ruin or take your life.

If you are worried about a loved one, and want to know the warning signs of drug addiction, please take into account the following 10 major warning signs of a substance use disorder:

  1. Persistent efforts to cut down or control substance use have been made and failed
  2. Commitments that have previously been a priority, are being missed or ignored
  3. A person is changing friend groups or friends, choosing to surround themselves with people who do not provide accountability
  4. Failing to fulfill role obligations at work, in school, or within a family system
  5. Recurring social isolation
  6. Hobbies or activities that were previously enjoyed are discontinued
  7. It becomes hard to make plans with this person, they do not want to plan any future get-togethers for seemingly no reason in particular
  8. Excuse-making becomes a common practice to explain out-of-the-ordinary behavior
  9. The person seems to be “always tired,” possibly falling asleep during functions and appears to be going in and out of consciousness through out time spent together
  10. This person regularly misses any early-morning obligations, they have flu-like symptoms often

Addiction treatment is available in Royal Life Centers at Chapter 5. If you have made an attempt to stop taking prescription or illegal drugs, but get physically ill when doing so, you may be experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms can be severe, and you should attend our medical detox center to safely and comfortably remove a substance from the body. Addictive disorders are also something we treat at Royal Life Centers.

No matter what your drug of choice may be, we can help you get well again, mentally, physically and spiritually. Royal Life Centers at Chapter 5 offers comprehensive addiction treatment, with programs that are designed to guide guests through the recovery process. Many factors can play into your recovery, including: substance use history, family history, short or long term use of mind altering substances, etc. Royal Life Centers at Chapter 5 is experienced in treating all types of substance use disorders. We provide access to mental health professionals as well, because a full recovery depends on full health of the mind, body, and spirit.

For information about how to diagnose a substance use disorder, please refer to the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders.

Royal Life Centers at Chapter 5 can help you or a loved one recover from substance use disorder. Substance abuse is treated at Royal Life Centers at Chapter 5 through a variety of services, therapies, and physical wellness options. Support groups create a safe place for addicts or alcoholics to speak about their substance use disorder, and Royal Life Centers can also guide family and friends to find support groups for them.

It may be very hard to confront a loved one about their possible substance use disorder. For guidance, information and help with treatment options, please reach out to our knowledgeable addiction specialists at (877)-RECOVERY or (888) 534-9140.

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