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What Does Meth Look Like? How to Identify Crystal Methamphetamine

What Does Meth Look Like

With the spread of addiction throughout the U.S., it has become more important than ever to know how to identify potentially harmful substances. One drug in particular that proves essential to know is crystal methamphetamine. If you are trying to protect yourself from the dangers of meth, you may be wondering “What does meth look […]

The Risks of Taking Sudafed and Alcohol

The Risks of Taking Sudafed and Alcohol

In a post-Covid world, most people have experienced the alleviating effects of cold medications, including the popular decongestant Sudafed. While this medication is an effective means of alleviating minor cold symptoms, it is important to be aware of the potential risks it can have – especially when mixed with substances like alcohol. Taking Sudafed and […]