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Substance Abuse Treatment in Arizona


Finding the Best Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Arizona Drug and alcohol addiction is one of the most terrifying diseases we can experience. Our minds and our bodies are no longer our own. We rebel against ourselves and push away those we love. Depending on the substance, your lungs, heart or other vital organs can […]

Your First 90 Days Sober


Why Are the First 90 Days So Important? The first 90 days of your sobriety is often considered to be the most important, and the most dangerous. It has many names and many definitions. It’s been called the “danger zone”, or is referred to as “intensive care”. This is because it is the most difficult […]

Rebuilding Broken Relationships


Substance abuse is one of the most difficult and painful diseases to overcome. Just as with cancer or other dangerous medical diseases, addiction affects every person in your life that you are close with. As the brain becomes more dependent on substances, behaviors begin to change and shift away from their norm. Things you once […]

Prayers for Addiction


Spirituality During Recovery Regardless of who you were before your addiction, how you were raised or what you believed, experts agree that prayer during addiction and recovery is a critical part of success. While they may seem extremely similar, religion and spirituality can be approached from different perspectives. Many men and women suffering from addiction […]

Harm Reduction Therapy

harm-reduction-therapy-heroin use-substance abuse

What is Harm Reduction Therapy? Harm Reduction is a somewhat controversial topic that you may or may not have heard of. At its core, harm reduction treatment seeks to be a form of substance abuse treatment that does not replace traditional programs, but rather, tries to quite literally reduce harm or fatality associated with addiction. […]