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2-Week Inpatient Program

Royal Life Centers at Chapter 5 knows that taking that first step can be hard. Everything we do at Royal Life Centers revolves around our guests, Because We Care. Our inpatient substance abuse rehab includes a tailored treatment program that is two weeks in length. Our residential inpatient program is where guests will receive therapeutic care and jumpstart their program of recovery. Typically, inpatient substance abuse rehab programs can last a month in length, but our residential inpatient program doubles the intensity of therapy and its frequency, helping you to recover quickly and efficiently. Therapists work closely with each guest on a personal assessment, and then create a custom treatment plan based on this assessment. We have a high staff to guest ratio so that we’re always available for whatever needs may arise. Most of our staff are in recovery from substance use disorder themselves, making them an invaluable resource with personal experience. During group and individual therapy, guests will develop the skills needed to stay sober outside of treatment. Our open-campus environment makes sure guests don’t feel like they are institutionalized or in a hospital.

At Royal Life Centers, you will never be treated as a “client”, you are a guest in our home. Our delicious homemade meals are provided by our on-site personal chef. TV’s connected to DishNetwork in every comfortable, roomy bedroom, will make you feel right at home. At Royal Life Centers, we’re always by your side, Because We Care.

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    Our Inpatient Substance Abuse Rehab Programs

    • Medical Detox

      Our medical detox program begins with an individual medical and clinical assessment of each guest. The medical assessment will be used to design the medical protocol needed to provide the safest, most comfortable, and most effective detoxification. The clinical assessment is extensive and done to determine any co-occuring disorders, in addition to other factors, that will impact our clinical approach for you. Knowing all factors that contribute to and are exacerbated by addiction help us provide the best care. Following these initial assessments, a custom medical and treatment plan are designed. These plans are individually tailored to each guest so that we can most effectively guide them through the withdrawal process. Appropriate use of detox and comfort medication is determined on an individual basis by our doctor. Our 24/7 on-site nursing and support staff ensures guests remain safe and comfortable throughout their stay. Our medical detox is a 4-8 day program.

    • Residential Inpatient

      Our residential inpatient program is the next step in our comprehensive treatment plan, following medical detox. In our inpatient program, we continue on the therapeutic work started in medical detox. We use a variety of therapies to uncover the root cause of your addiction, to help you recover whole-heartedly. Our guests attend group therapy for five hours a day, every day, along with regularly scheduled individual therapy sessions. Other therapies include: adventure therapy, art therapy, activity therapy, EMDR, and behavioral therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and rational emotive behavior therapy. Royal Life Centers has an on-site chef who prepares three delicious meals a day, while snacks and beverages are also available around-the-clock in our kitchen. Medical staff is available 24/7 to ensure guest safety and address any needs that may arise. Our inpatient substance abuse rehab is located in Prescott, Arizona— a city known for its tight-knit recovery community.

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    The Royal Life Centers Experience

    Addiction Recovery Specialists

    Royal Life Centers employs some of the finest addiction specialists in the industry. Long-lasting sobriety is an achievable goal, and we are here to make that a reality. We work hard on every level to ensure that guests are comfortable and safe throughout their treatment. Our nurses, therapists, case managers, and sober support staff guarantee that guest care is always our top priority, Because We Care.

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    Such a wonderful program and staff members! They genuinely care for their clients and everyone whose life they touch. I'm so grateful for Royal Life Centers I owe them my life!

    - Ashley B.
    *Due to HIPAA laws, we are unable to show actual client photos. However, each of our testimonials are verified Google reviews.

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