Recovery Dynamics

Recovery DynamicsRecovery Dynamics is a method of presenting the program that is described in the textbook “Alcoholics Anonymous.” It is a tool that is an effective method of presenting the AA recovery experience to individuals in the treatment setting.

In 1972, Joe McQuany, (the Joe in the Joe and Charlie Big Book Studies and the author of The Steps We Took and Carry This Message), began development of Recovery Dynamics® through teaching the principles of the Twelve Steps at Serenity Park. The impressive rate of recovery at Serenity Park led to a great demand from treatment facilities wanting to replicate Joe’s program. In 1977 the first edition of Recovery Dynamics® was copyrighted and Kelly Foundation was incorporated in 1978 to help other facilities implement the Recovery Dynamics Model. Studies have been given in 48 states and most Canadian provinces. Additionally, Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and the Netherlands have all hosted the Big Book Study seminars with Joe & Charlie. Since 1977, an estimated 200,000 AA Members have experienced the spiritual benefits of these collective studies.

Recovery Dynamics at Chapter 5 consists of a series of lectures, DVD’s and other written course materials that break down the 12 Steps of the program of Alcoholics Anonymous into units designed as “Group Sessions” and provides the guest with word meanings and interpretations of the ideas and terms found in the Big Book. These Group Sessions have been carefully sequenced so that all guests at Chapter 5 who complete the program will have worked the 12 Steps of Recovery found in the textbook Alcoholics Anonymous.