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Free Urine Drug Screening Test

Guests are allowed to return home after completing our rehabilitation program to take care of their responsibilities and fully reintegrate into their community. While moving home is an exciting move, it also exposes people to potential triggers, raising the risk of relapse. Royal Alumni are equipped with coping skills and relapse prevention techniques that Provide momentum in times of doubt. Even so, We at Chapter 5 agree that there are never too many protections in place to ensure your or a loved one’s recovery.

Many guests agree that the routine of submitting drug-test samples acts as a significant barrier to relapse. Drug screening serves as a neutral enforcer of accountability, reminding guests and alumni that their actions have consequences. Chapter 5 understands that newfound freedom comes with a newfound sense of obligation. For this reason, we offer free UA cup tests to Royal Alumni and their families to help with the move back home.

Pros of Urine Drug screening tests:

  • Detects non-prescribed medications or illicit substances
  • Targets a potential relapse
  • Symbolizes the need for treatment
  • Minimizes the risk of relapse after treatment
  • Boosts accountability and honesty in our Alumni
  • Assists in recovery maintenance
  • Removes tension between Alumni and their family and friends
  • Breeds trust in Royal Alumni relationships
  • States proof of sustained sobriety and
  • Helps Alumni’s self-confidence

Providing Royal Alumni and their loved ones with free urine drug screening tests offers a sense of calm during the early stages of sobriety. Family members and friends can continue the accountability procedures utilized in our rehabilitation program, using our free urine drug screening tests for routine monitoring or on suspicion.

Supporting Our Alumni

We want to help you or a loved one stay sober after treatment in Royal Life Centers at Chapter 5. We feel it is important that we continue to assist you and your family after your time in our care is complete. In addition to our quality recovery programs, Chapter 5 continues to demonstrate its dedication to our communities and guests by offering free UA cup tests to the public.

Those who complete treatment at Royal Life Centers at Chapter 5’s join our Alumni Family. Royal Alumni are invited to participate in our Alumni Services which offer free urine drug screening tests in addition to other resources. Within these services, Chapter 5 continues to assist our graduates after they have received care from us. Our alumni coordinators help with post-treatment services including placement for further care, treatment completion letters, and Alumni events.

We recognize that keeping accountability measures within your routine allows you to thrive in recovery, which is why we continue to provide assistance, free of charge, in order to help you sustain your sober lifestyle.


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