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20 Ways That You Can Work a Program of Recovery

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A program of recovery can refer to 12 step programs or generally working to better yourself in recovery, no matter how far along you are into sobriety. The 12 steps provide a program of recovery from alcohol, narcotics, eating disorders, gambling, and the list goes on. Alcoholic’s Anonymous originally coined the 12 step approach as […]

10 Warning Signs of a Substance Use Disorder

substance use disorder - warning signs of addiction - warning signs - signs and symptoms of drug abuse - how to tell if someone needs rehab

Substance Use Disorders may be hard to spot, especially if you are unsure if a friend or a loved one is acting differently in front of you, so that they can hide a substance use disorder. Mental health disorders and substance use disorder are often both contributors to a person’s behavior. Substances are highly addictive, […]

Which is the Best Treatment for Drug Addiction?

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Addiction Substance abuse and drug addiction is easy to diagnose, but requires a drug addiction treatment program that address the root cause of drug or alcohol addiction. Looking for the best treatment for drug addiction should include careful consideration of the treatment approaches available. Just searching for a ‘treatment center near me’ may not yield […]

What is Inpatient Treatment?

inpatient treatment - inpatient - inpatient rehab - residential rehab - inpatient rehab program - live-in rehab

Here at Royal Life Centers, we offer treatment at various levels of care. Our residential inpatient treatment program means that as our guest, you will be living residentially in our guest housing. In our treatment facilities, the residential treatment program includes group therapy in addition to individual therapy sessions and activity therapy. Our treatment approach, […]

How Does Heroin Abuse Effect The Body?

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Heroin abuse is a national epidemic, and part of the global opioid problem. Heroin is not only dangerous, but the effects of heroin on the body are shocking— heroin wreaks havoc on your health. It’s a powerful drug, that once addicted to almost always has a deadly outcome. Most street level heroin nowadays is laced […]

What Does Working the 12-Steps Really Mean?

12-steps - working the steps - 12 steps - 12-step programs of recovery - 12 steps - program of recovery - alcoholics anonymous - narcotics anonymous

Although working the 12 steps is not the only way, it is definitely the most commonly followed path to sobriety. The 12-Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous has been around since 1935 making their continued use even more impressive. Even after decades of medical advances and the development of new therapies, the 12-steps remain the de facto […]

Are All Drug Treatment Centers the Same?

drug treatment centers - best drug treatment centers - drug treatment - drug rehab - alcohol rehab - rehab

The short answer, no. The number of treatment options available for those with a substance use disorder has never been higher. In the United States alone, there are currently over 14,000 drug treatment centers. For those looking to enter into one of these programs, this can be a really intimidating task. What most commonly refer to […]

What Happens in Detox?

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People detox from many different drugs, alcohol, or combinations of drugs and alcohol. So, whatever you are currently using will determine the right detox medications for your individual case. Everyone should be detoxing in an inpatient setting and in a clean, modern facility. You may be taking “street drugs” but you shouldn’t be detoxing in […]