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Chapter 5 is one of Arizona’s top licensed substance abuse Treatment Centers for those who seek Residential Treatment, Partial Hospitalization Programming, Intensive Outpatient Treatment or Outpatient Treatment in State Licensed and Nationally Accredited facilities.

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Your treatment will be based on your specific, individual needs and performed by licensed, caring medical professionals. You are not a number at Chapter 5 - you are a guest. We will empower you to reclaim your life from the struggle of drug or alcohol dependency.

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Chapter 5 is a growing, diverse, recovering community embracing oneness, nurturing wholeness, raising consciousness and transforming lives - one day, one life at a time.

Chapter 5 Vision Statement

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For those in recovery, our name is no mystery.

Taken from the “Big Book” of Alcoholics Anonymous written by Bill Wilson and first published in 1939, Chapter 5 describes "How It Works."

The first several paragraphs of that chapter, recited in AA meetings every day in many different languages all over the World, contain the 12 Steps of recovery that are used universally in dealing with addictions of all types.

Chapter 5 is committed to the 12 Step Program of recovery. Step 12 encourages those who have had “a spiritual awakening as a result of these steps…" to " practice these principles in all our affairs." Guests are expected to learn and implement a new way of living based upon eternal truths about how people are expected to live with one another. These principles have been revealed to mankind for thousands of years and are common to every spiritual practice.

We believe that every person afflicted with chemical dependency deserves a chance at recovery. We are able to offer affordable recovery to a broad cross section of society, and our Guests benefit by this "real-life" experience. Our facilities are the cleanest and safest in Prescott, and we welcome personal tours at any time.

Recovery must be a fun filled experience, and our men and women engage in all kinds of activities that interest them, such as softball, hiking, volleyball, fitness, yoga, horseback riding, golf, tennis and more!

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Chapter 5 Addiction treatment is dedicated to providing men and women with the tools, structure, and support needed to be successful in their recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction.

We offer a clean, safe and sober setting based on the spiritual principles of Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12-step programs. We welcome all adult males and females who are alcoholics or addicts, regardless of age, race, creed or religion, sexual preference, or ethnic origin. A desire to be free from alcohol and drugs, a willingness to commit to our program, and the capability and commitment to become self supporting are the only requirements for consideration for clinical or residential status. Chapter 5 will continue to positively influence our Guests’ lives during recovery and encourage them to remain closely connected with the house and its new residents through our Chapter 5 Alumni Program. We form a strong bond with one another because it’s tough doing it on our own. Our goal is to serve individuals seeking recovery with current, evidence based treatment in a safe and multi-disciplinary environment where the Mind, Body and Spirit can be effectively treated in an integrated modality. At Chapter 5, feelings are valued, shared freely and explored fully without fear of physical, verbal or emotional confrontation. We support success in all areas of our lives, with constant focus on the spiritual, physical and emotional growth of our Clients.

Residential Treatment

Whether you are coming from a residential program or a detox facility, at Cfiapter 5 we strive to make your transition into our licensed residential facility as smooth as possible. We provide Residential Treatment with acclimation into Chapter S's residential community. This allows our clients to integrate into their surroundings with the structure necessary to be successful in long­term recovery. At Chapter 5, clients participating in our Residential Treatment Program receive fifty-six hours of clinical services per week, addressing basic life skills, spirituality, introduction to the 12 Steps, job readiness, nutrition and daily process of emotions. Other groups can include; boundaries, domestic violence, trauma work, self-esteem, and relapse prevention. As clients adjust to sober living and create a sober lifestyle, compassion and support will be found.

Our Treatment Approach

Founded in 2003, Chapter 5 is an addiction treatment organization offering an effective program where guests will gain lasting results from a long­term commitment to sobriety. With the addition of Residential Treatment Programming, Intensive Outpatient Treatment and Outpatient Treatment options, Chapter 5 is a licensed addiction treatment center offering a dynamic combination of drug and alcohol recovery services that can dramatically improve a person's ability to be successful in maintaining life-long sobriety. Our goal is to assist those who are serious about their recovery by first providing an encouraging, compassionate environment and then combining it with a 12-step program requiring daily participation. As an addiction treatment center dedicated to helping our guests achieve lifelong recovery, we are proud of our large number of alumni who have achieved the sober lifestyle they were searching for.

Most Insurances Accepted

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Our Location

We are located at 726 W Gurley St, Prescott, AZ 86305.

Guest Testimonials

  • Customer Testimonails

    Chapter 5 saved my life! I had no hope until I reached out to them. I am forever grateful.

    Jessica M.
  • Customer Testimonails

    My whole life was getting my next fix. I couldn't live like that anymore. My mom saw the pain I was going through. She called Chapter 5 and I never looked back. I love the staff and will be celebrating my first year clean very soon.

    Brian W.